FoIP Limitations

FoIP (Fax over IP) Limitations

Posted by AJ Jackson on 11 June 2013 08:34 AM

Faxing over IP or Internet Protocol has known limitations industry wide. These limitations are technology-based and affect every VoIP provider in the industry. Most VoIP phone companies, including LANgineers, use the T.38 standard for sending faxes over the Internet.
Although the standard promises better reliability it can still suffer from poor performance, in some cases, because it is highly dependent on proper communications on both ends of the connection. There are simply too many variables at play and fax protocol is not tolerant of communication issues that are inherent to the nature of internet communications.

LANgineers strives to provide our customers with services that meet their needs, as technology in this area progresses we are hopeful that we will find a solution that will provide a higher level of reliability for fax communications.

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